Do you know how powerful a simple “NO” can be?

Divorce is an enormously mentally and emotionally taxing event.

There are a lot of things that are going on inside your head during that time…a lot of things that need to get sorted out.

The thing is…regardless how bad the marriage was…for a year at least there will remain a lingering emotional bond.

And obviously since this bond is not being satiated (for the lack of a better term).

This in turn creates an immense emotional void inside of you and this void can be really really painful.

There are a lot of ways that this void can be manifested…it could turn into substance abuse and addiction or it can turn into a perpetual need for attention.


Unfortunately.. instead of using this state for constructive behavior, most women tend to react in very immature ways.

And that’s understandable…we are all humans now aren’t we?

During this time of emotional turmoil, we are looking for something safe…a comfort zone so to speak.

This is why most ex-smokers and ex-drinkers pick up their vices once again during and after a divorce.

In fact, I found this article in Rosen Law Firm’s site…and I found this to be pretty relevant to what I am talking about:





So you can see that this is a VERY real problem.

“But Marg, I am not abusing any substances…this means I am in the clear right?”

Unfortunately, that’s not the case… this negative energy can come out in a lot of different ways.

It can come out as a form of jealousy when you see happy couples around you, it may come out as a need to gossip about everything just so you feel involved and wanted by your friends..

It may even come out as a feeling of being vicious towards men in general.

The thing is… during this time you can’t help but feel this overwhelming energy inside of you…

It is completely up to you whether you use this energy positively or negatively.

What you have to do is that you must have the strength to say NO.

NO I will not spiral down.

NO I will not let negativity imprison me.

NO I will not let myself be abused like this.

Its one of the most powerful words in our vocabulary…in fact I made a video on this not that long ago:

Now I am not saying its easy that you can use this energy constructively…but that’s why I am here for you..

My job…to put it in very simple terms is to get you back on your feet after a divorce.

My program, Tomorrow Is Now, is not just about getting quality men.. though I assure you that once you are done with the program you will have no problems in that department.

But its more than that…my program is well…about YOU

It is only in the self and true improvement can begin… Picasso would have never been able paint the Guernica if he was working on a broken canvas.

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