Do you know that This ONE simple weapon propelled Roger Federer into superstardom?

The year is 2005 and the former Wimbledon championLyeton Hewitt is having some troubles in an intense match.

Opposite him was this tall lanky young player. He sported a ponytail and hailed from Switzerland, that’s pretty much all that we knew about this guy.

Of course Hewitt was gonna run through this kid, he was ranked second in the world at that time.

But then something happened…as the match progressed and things became more and more tense, Hewitt showed that he was getting nervous.

He started screaming at the chair umpire, kicking his racquet and what not…while is opponent was the exact opposite.

This young man kept calm…whenever he was under pressure he sat coolly on his chair and said some things to himself and then jumped back right into action.

After a gruelling match, the young man beat Hewitt…and he went on to win the tournament,

That win would be his first of many as that young man went on to become the greatest tennis player to have ever graced God’s green earth.

Roger Federer in action against Borna Coric


The great Roger Federer himself!

This is the thing when you look at some of the greatest tennis players to have ever played.

Serena Williams, Steffi Graf, Roger Federer, Pete Sampras….the difference in their actual talent and physical skill is very less.

All of these top top athletes work their butt off in training and have polished their actual game to near perfection.

Then why is it that some of them win while the others don’t?

The answer is simple….when you are competing at that level what truly makes a champion is their actual mental strength.

All the top athletes in the world go through rigorous visual training and nerve management… most of them have their own personal sports psychiatrists.

And among some of the top level athletes, the one tool that they used time and time and time again to achieve athletic perfection is Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short.

Now what is NLP and how do these top athletes use it…and more importantly, how is all this beneficial to you.

I am coming to it…patience 😀

It’s a system that was discovered by Richard Brandler and John Grinder.

The theory is simple.

It says that there is a relationship between your neurological processes, certain phrases that you use and certain behavioral patterns.


Phrases + Behavioural Patterns = Bulletproof Neorlogical Processes.

Simple isn’t it?

Now is it too good to be true?

I certainly thought so at first.

But as I studied and experimented and dived deeper into this wonderful rabbit hole I recognized the overwhelming power behind this wonderful method.

As my niece says it…”you literally give yourself super powers!”

Now how does this work?

Let’s analyze what the young Federer did in his match against Hewitt all those years back.

When he was under the gun…he took himself aside and visualized a time when he played absolutely flawless tennis.

This visualization is usually accompanied by 2 things…firstly a  behavioral gesture…nothing complicated, basically a twitch or a flick of the thumb.

Secondly it is accompanied by some words to make the mental picture stronger.

When these steps are done properly (And don’t worry, I will guide you through them step by step during the program) your body starts working the same way it did that day when you performed at your best.

Let’s put it like this..

You can recreate what you feel like at your best anytime and every time…through proper training, of course.

You can see why athletes fall all over each other to inculcate this wonderful weapon into their arsenal.

So now you are probably wondering…”That’s cool Marg…but what does this have to do with me?”

It has everything to do with you …you see, NLP is hands down the best thing you can use to train your mind…to move on with your life and leave all the garbage behind.

How exactly?

I will tell you about that in the next article.


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