Do you know what Beethoven had to overcome to become a musical legend?

How is it going?

When I was working exclusively as a life coach…there was this one question that I was asked very often.

What is the one thing that stops you from being your best self?

Now before I answer that question… let’s take a little journey through history.

The year: 1796.

The place: Germany.

Europe in general is reeling from the effects of the French Revolution… and the entire country of Germany is looking for an outlet..a reprieve from the general negativity of the times.

And that reprieve came in the form of a 26 year old music genius.



His name… Ludwig van Beethoven.

He has become the shining light of an entire nation at an early age…his compositions have wowed the people.

But he is hiding one terrible secret.

Lately he has been facing hearing difficulties… and it has been getting worse.

He realized how terrible this could be for his profession…as he writes in one of his letters to his friend:

“For two years I have avoided almost all social gatherings because it is impossible for me to say to people “I am deaf”. If I belonged to any other profession it would be easier, but in my profession it is a frightful state..”

But he resolved to make it through… he didn’t want to give up on life because he realized that he had a lot more to give.

He refused to give up ..he refused to let deafness come in way of him making music.

He sawed off the legs of his piano so that he could feel the vibrations of the strings as he kept on making music.

At the age of 54 when he lost the function of his ears..he finished working on what would end up becoming his magnum opus…. The Symphony no. 9 aka Ode to Joy.

Many critics till this day call it the finest example of western music… and this coming from a man who was deaf!!!

3 years later as he was on his deathbed his last words were “I will hear in heaven.”

What a wonderful and truly inspiring human being!

And I think his story answers the question ..what is the one thing stopping you from being your best self?

Its you … your limiting beliefs.



There has to be something very very toxic about your own belief system putting your inner vibrations out of sync.

When we were kids…we thought we were gonna conquer the world.

But then things happen… life gives you a curveball… and every now and then it puts you down a notch.

That is what happens to most women who have gone through unhappy divorces. Life which was once a paradise had given you such a hard dose of reality that you lose all the belief that you had in yourself.

Instead you look for excuses to justify WHY you should remain unhappy. And the truly scary part is….most of these women discover their comfort zone in by remaining miserable and negative.

Now that is truly scary.



Now whether you let these limiting beliefs take control of you or you tear through them and refuse to compromise like Beethoven did is upto you.

Though to be fair…if Beethoven can overcome deafness to write the most brilliant piece of western classical music of all time…then I think we don’t really have that much of an excuse.

I remember when I was young, my Aunt told me this story once.

It’s the story of an Elephant and a small piece of rope.

When an elephant is young and its caught in the wild its tied to a piece of wood with a rope going around one of his legs.

The young elephant, thrashes around and swings the rope about in a desperate attempt to break free.


But try as he might… he fails to do so.

And he convinces himself that no matter how strongly he pulls…he will never ever break free.

So as the elephant grows big and strong…. He still won’t pull on the rope…even though he would probably be able to break free with one simple tug.

All because he convinced himself in his mind that he will NEVER EVER break free.

But don’t worry…. You don’t have to be a captive to your beliefs like that poor elephant.

That’s what I am here for… I am here to show you and to tell you that no matter how badly you think you have been affected by your divorce..

You will always always get another shot.. and no matter what your mind tells you … you absolutely deserve to be happy.

I will be like this cat helping you get over your obstacles!!!



This is what one of my clients had to say when I helped her get over her limiting beliefs.



So I have given you a lot of things to think about! I will leave you so that you may ponder over it.

Till then… I am out!

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