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How is it going?? All good I hope?

So this article is all about ….*drumrolls*…negativity!!



Or rather the negativity that you will face soon after your divorce.

Now why is it that you will face all this?

Simple really…we are all human beings after all.

Regardless of how bad your marriage was…the fact of the matter is…after a divorce you are permanently separated from someone who used to be a major major part of your life.

You feel naked and unprotected and a little bit scared.

You are extremely vulnerable….and at this stage you are bound to be affected by certain negative behaviors.

What I want to tell you …is that you don’t have to.

Before I tell you how you can avoid them…let’s look at some of the classic negative behaviors that you may go through during this time.

  1. Shopping For Useless Things: This is a major thing that experts have witnessed about divorced women. They just LOVE to shop. And there is a reason why that happens. Its calledUsually women going through this stage have a psychological hole inside of them. They are desperate to fill up that hole by going through useless shopping sprees. Let’s face it <First Name>…you don’t really need the crystal margarita maker now do you?
  2. Going Through A String Of Affairs: Now this can happen because of a number of reasons. Either you are using the men and especially the sex to make up for the hollowness that you feel inside.Or you are simply “cashing in” on what you thought that you have “missed out” on.This is especially true for women got into a marriage when they were really young. Or it might just be that a lot of men are using your vulnerabilities to have sex with you. Whatever be the case…a string of meaningless sex may seem fun at first but ultimately becomes hollow.
  3. Self-Abusing: Now this one can manifest in a lot of ways. By self-abusing I am talking about taking up some sort of addictive behavior. It could be smoking, over-eating and in some extreme cases drugs. I don’t really need to tell you how devastating this can be.


Now I don’t want to depress you <First Name> by listing out things that you will be doing or will be tempted of doing.

But what I am here to tell you today…is that you don’t need to go through all this.

You don’t need to put yourself through hell.

And there is a path that you can take which can help you manifest greatness via using this negative energy!

“How do I do that Marg?”

Its simple.

You have to understand how energy works.



When you go through a divorce you enter this vortex of negativity which manifests itself into negative energy.

This negative energy makes you go through all those self-destructive tendencies that I was talking about.

Thankfully..this negative energy can be easily converted into positive energy.

How does that happen?

As the law of conservation of energy goes…energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it merely transfers from one medium to another.

So this energy can be transferred from fuelling your negativity into something that is positive.

Think about all the great creators and artists of the past…how many times have they created absolute masterpiece whilst going through terrible personal tragedy?

Carravaggio, Vincent van Gogh, Nikola Tesla all these esteemed human beings made their greatest creations while going through a living hell.

Why? Because they understood that they could take all this negativity and use it to fuel their creative juices.

Let me give you an example:



This beautiful masterpiece was created by Edvard Munch….most famously known for creating the “Scream” painting.

The painting belongs to his “The Sick Child” series..

It records the moments he spent with his elder sister before she died of tuberculosis.

He used the tremendous amount of negative energy he got whilst going through this tragedy to create a masterpiece…now that’s admirable.

Now ..I am not telling you to create masterpieces using your leftover energy from your divorce as fuel…though if you do that, that will be pretty damn cool 😀

What I am telling you, is that instead of indulging in self-destructive behavior why not use this as a platform to create your best self?

Use this to transform your life and mend any flaws that you have in your soul which will prevent you from being with the man of your dreams.

Its not as hard as it sounds…its all about having a direction and a conductor who can you tell you what to do and what not to do.

That is where my program comes in…

I teach my clients how to let go of all forms of past baggage so that you can be truly happy and be in the right state of mind when you meet Mr. Right.

In my next article I will give you a glimpse into my program.

See you soon!

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