Do you know what was the last thing that came out of Pandora’s box?

SO when I left you the last time round I was in quite a predicament.

Just to recap things for you a bit I was telling you about the chat that I had with Sheila, an acquaintance of mine who lost both her husband and son in a car accident.

Even though she had done well with her life ever since that tragedy she still had troubles moving on.

In her words:

“If I do date someone it would mean that I am acknowledging the fact that he has truly left. And I cannot bring myself to do that.”

What can you possibly say after someone says that to you?

So I went back home and started thinking…and I had an epiphany.



Do you know what that is?

That’s an artist’s depiction of the Pandora’s Box.

The story goes like this:

Pandora was told not to open the box but curiosity got the better of her.

So as she opened the box she released all of the sins and evils into the world.

When she realized what she had done she was devastated ….. but that’s when she noticed something…

There was still someone left in the box…and as she peered closer it was a small angel who escaped.

The angel was Hope.

Basically the moral of the story being.. no matter what happens there is always hope.

And that everything bad that has ever happened is because of a woman.

Don’t you just love casual sexism….NOT.

So when I came back… this was the story that came to my mind.

I can’t even begin to imagine how much pain a widowed woman must have gone through but you GOTTA have hope.

You have to HOPE that things are gonna get better…you have to HOPE that happiness is waiting for you in the future.




But for that to happen you need to start working towards making a better tomorrow.

You cannot allow yourself to be scared and frozen by thoughts like Sheila has been absolutely need to breakthrough all of that.

Here is a quote that I recently came across by the amazing Joyce Carol Oates:




And that’s exactly it isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter what I tell Sheila or anyone who has lost their husband in a tragedy… they are always going to think like that more often than not.

All that I can tell you is that you just have to cling on to hope and you need to keep taking actions.

The Bhagawad Gita says this about Karma (action):




In other words… it doesn’t matter whether you think what you are doing is fruitless or just need to keep taking actions.

Its only when you do that will you be able to finally breakfree…I promise this to you…no matter how you feel right now there always is a light at the end of the tunnel.

And that is what I promise to you .. that in my program, Tomorrow Is Now, I WILL give you the actions that you will need to take to break free.

You will get everything you need to find happiness and another fulfilling relationship.

Trust me…its really worth it.

And I will live you with that thought for today……see you soon!




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