Do you know why Neuro-Linguistic Programming is such a major part of my program?



A beautiful creature isn’t it? Certainly one of the most majestic creatures ever.

Yet for something so beautiful…its life begins with an infinite amount of struggle.

When the pupa turns into a butterfly…its one of the most hearbreaking things that one can see.

You see this tiny little butterfly STRUGGLING against all odds to escape and let go of everything that’s holding it back…

Struggling and struggling… yet it doesn’t give up…it CAN’t give up…if it wants to live.

And after much struggling… it finally becomes free.

At no point does it even think about quitting or giving up…a butterfly has no time to indulge in limiting beliefs…at no point can it possibly think “I CAN’T DO IT.”

A limiting belief is the same as a death sentence to a butterfly…and it can’t afford to wallow in it.

In the last article I told you about one of the most destructive tendencies that a human being can have… “limiting beliefs”.

If the last article was about identifying those, this will be all about destruction…to be more specific….destroying those limiting beliefs.



The thing with limiting beliefs though… they are like diseases rotting parts of your mind and soul… A simple “YOU CAN DO IT!!” is not enough….regardless of what 100s of self help gurus might say.

What you need is a complete rewiring of the mind…that is the only way that you can ensure that none of that garbage comes creeping back in.

And that is exactly what I do in my program “Tomorrow is Now”.

I use the best mental rewiring technique ever created, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and complete obliterate any limiting beliefs that many be festering your mind.

NLP unfortunately has been overexposed and adulterated…. People have misused and misunderstood this method.

At its core…NLP is about TRANSFORMATION… its about wiping the mind clean of all its dirt.

Fortunately, I have had mentors and teachers from the Tad James Company who taught me the nuances of the art in its purest form.

This is what I am offering you.. the most powerful transformational technique ever to rid you of all your negativity and to ensure that you live the rest of your life with a man of YOUR choosing.

Happiness after all…is a choice… and happiness starts with the mind.

In fact, everything starts with the mind.

I will tell you how powerful your mind can be in the next article..

In the meantime, here is a beautiful gif that I came across that showcases the life of a monarch butterfly:




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