Here are 4 obvious reasons why you should start saying “NO”

Last time we finished the article on a rather somber note.

A somber yet a very important note.

If you don’t give yourself the power to say “No” and allow yourself to be happy then you are simply going to go from one abusive relationship to another.

All it takes is just a simple “No”, to stop yourself from drowning in misery.

So let’s analyze this interesting conundrum…why is it that we are so scared….well not really scared, but why do we dislike saying this word so much?



We all grew up to be nice people… that’s what out values and education has inculcated in us.

We are taught to be valuable cogs of this society and as a result we are told to make sacrifices and compromises for the betterment of everyone.

As a result, more often than not, we are taught to be “yes men”.

After all, at the end of the day we all want to come across as nice and easy going. We all want to be the “better person”, which is why we say “yes” even though we shouldn’t have said so.

So here is why you start saying “No” more often:

  1. Give your time to stuff you actually want to do: This is a behavior that I have noticed in most recently divorced women. They are so willing to get involved in things that they more often than not spread themselves thin. At this stage they are usually so vulnerable and craving for company that they will go along with anything. This usually leads to lots of regrets and unfinished tasks. Just say NO when you don’t like what you are getting into and spend that quality time doing what you really like.
  2. Spend more time with people you truly care: This is a natural extension from the previous point. When you have more time you can spend that with people you truly love and care about.
  3. Identify the patterns and refuse to be with someone abusive: As I have already said in the last article, a woman who is used to being in abusive relationships usually find themselves getting into more. More often than not its because of subconscious acceptance. “Maybe this is what I truly deserve.” During moments like these have the courage to say “NO”.
  4. You will stop yourself from getting manipulated: You feel like you are being mentally manipulated to be with an abusive man? Say NO. You feel like you are being forced to do thing that you really don’t want to do? Say NO. You are being told to compromise on your goals? Say NO.

This simple 2 letter word has incredible transformational powers.

You can check out the video I made on this some time back:

In the next article I will tell you about NLP. I use NLP extensively in my programs. Why do you do that and how will it benefit you?

I will tell you all about it in the next article.

Until then…here is a shocked cat for you:



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