Here are 3 of the most self-destructive questions we ask ourselves after divorce

It’s a weird time when you go through a divorce…there really is no other way of putting it.

When I was preparing my program I interviewed hundreds of divorced women. (I had no idea how helpful the internet could be before this!)

Anyway….having connected with many divorced women both in real life and virtually I compiled a list of “pains” that they go through.

Pains and self doubts that is natural for one to go through during this time period.



I am not going to say that you don’t need to feel this pain….but what I am telling you to do is to really look into it and analyse that particular pain.

Once you are done analyzing you will realize that there are far more important things that you should give your time and energy to.

So lt’s look at these problems:

  1. Am I Not Pretty Anymore?”: This is a very common doubt especially among women who have been cheated on. They feel like that they have gone past their “sell by dates”.It’s a very deep rooted self-esteem issue. This isn’t something that hours of makeup or botox can heal.If you truly feel that whether or not a man can be with you depends completely on how you look then what you need is to know how to completely conquer your mind and its weaknesses.

    As I have stated earlier in my articles, I tackle these issues via NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in my program.

  2. What about my finances?”: This is a major one among women who don’t earn much via their jobs and housewives. If you have been in a long marriage then you get used to certain things.The feeling that at least someone is bringing home the bacon and sorting out the taxes is just one of them.One thing you have to understand is that we are living in wonderful times. We are living in a time where small businesses are coming out of everywhere.

    Any hobby that you have inculcated can be easily turned into financial opportunities. Remember the client who turned her passion for macramé into a flourishing business?

    Check out some of my earlier articles and read up on her story…you will be inspired.

  3. What will the society think?”: Ah the good ol’ “What will other say”. There has never been a more toxic statement or limiting belief in the history of mankind.The amount of dreams that this one statement has crushed is not even funny.Realize this… most people are wayyy too busy with their own lives to even care about someone else. And if some people are that obsessed about you and your failed marriage….well…you should feel pity for them.

    After all…its quite clear that they have absolutely nothing going on in their life right now.

So next time you have some sort of pain or self-grievance here is what you do:

  1. Write down what you are feeling.
  2. Think logically as to why you are feeling it. If its tough for you to be objective about it then get a friend to help you out.
  3. After that ask yourself this question: “Now that I have analysed it…. Does it really affect my life that much?”

More often than not you will find that those pains have absolutely no ground on which to stand on.

So don’t overburden yourself!!

And with that I am out….see you soon 🙂

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