Here are 3 ways that you can start looking for the perfect man TODAY

Today we are going to talk about something very pleasing and interesting… can you guess it?

We are going to be talking about finding THE PERFECT MAN.

Well…not “perfect” because let’s face it…no one can be perfect…though Henry Cavill (the new superman) comes close to perfection if I may say so myself ;).

I remember Tony Robbins in his program on having healthy relationships saying something very very poignant.

We just wait and do nothing hoping that somehow the perfect person is going to drop on your lap.

How can we be so entitled?

How can we even hope of getting someone who can make us truly happy without putting in the work needed for it?


I love that quote…because it perfectly embodies what I want to talk about.

Plus, this is where you have an advantage over women who haven’t been married ever.

You know how badly things can turn out when you compromise and settle for someone who is far lesser than what you should settle for.

More often than not we settle for something less because we feel that we can’t do any better.

This attitude comes out when we simply do not work into bettering our inner selves.

This is where I come in,.

In my program I take you through a requisite number of steps to ensure that you “bloom” into the amazing woman that I know you can be.

Anyway….let me get back to the main point of this article.

How do you look for the perfect man?

  1. Prepare yourself to be loved again: This one is more of an inner improvement. If you think that you are not worthy of falling in love again and if you genuinely think that you don’t deserve a great man, then you won’t get him…simple as that. So prepare yourself beforehand (“Tomorrow is Now” is going to help you majorly in that).
  2. Keep an Open Mind: You never know where he is gong to come from! So instead of giving in to presumptions and prejudices keep an open mind. Take that trip that you weren’t that keen on. Join that group that you were on the fence about. Who cares? Take that risk…it can pay off in amazing ways.
  3. Do Not Repeat Past Mistakes: Goes without saying… if you don’t like the number 4 then don’t add 2 and 2! If you see that you are falling in the same pattern all over again then do yourself a favour and OPT OUT. Don’t do this to yourself…you deserve better.

And that’s it!! This should help you in your journey immensely.


See you then!

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