Here are 4 Positive mindset changes that my friend developed after her divorce

My friend Maryse has this amazing ability of looking in the bright side of life.

I believe that Monty Python made their most famous song thinking about her:

This is a woman who should have broken emotionally…after all her husband only went and left her for someone young enough to be his daughter.

But this woman….this woman has never ever let anything get to her.

2 years ago her divorce finalized…. She is lives with her 3 daughters in Melbourne.

A month back I visited her…we haven’t talked in ages.

So I meet up with her and after our cup of coffee I asked her, “How do you do It Maryse?”

“That’s not vague at all.”

“I mean how do you not let anything get to you?”

“Life is too short honey, if you can’t focus on the positives then you are going to let it fly by you.”

So I asked her…what positives she could have possibly gained from her divorce.

As it turns out.. there were plenty.

  1. He was not around to poison her family with negativity anymore. This is pretty understandable. When you have a dad/husband who is not invested in the family then you are bound to have negativity. You simply can’t accept that for yourself and more importantly for your children.
  2. You are finally free. Kind of extends from the previous point. Being trapped in a loveless marriage is terrible. You are doing yourself a HUGE disservice. You DESERVE to be loved and you DESERVE to be happy.
  3. You realize that you are not alone. This is what gets to most divorced women. You think that you are alone and lonely and nobody can empathise with you. But that is simply not true. You are not alone. Maryse says “I did feel lonely in the beginning but then I realized that I still have my 3 beautiful daughters, my friends, my cousins…I still have that guy in the grocery store who always checks me out! I am not alone.”
  4. You actually have a chance to find true love. You finally have your wings back. Whatever was holding you back is not holding you back anymore. You can finally find the man of your dreams! How empowering is that?

So that’s what Maryse had to say! Learn from her…she truly is one of a kind.


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