Here are 4 simple ways that you can start looking for Mr. Perfect

This article is all about Mr. Right…the man that you deserve.

We all have our own reasons for divorcing but the main point remains the same.

You rolled the dice of love and you fell short….that’s alright.

We are human beings after all..we are not meant to be perfect or lead perfect lives.

Think of it as preparation for the ultimate gift.

I remember Tony Robbins in his program on having healthy relationships saying something very very poignant.

We just wait and do nothing hoping that somehow the perfect person is going to drop on your lap.

How can we be so entitled?

How can we even hope of getting someone who can make us truly happy without putting in the work needed for it?



I love that quote…because it perfectly embodies what I want to talk about.

Plus, this is where you have an advantage over women who haven’t been married ever.

You know how badly things can turn out when you compromise and settle for someone who is far lesser than what you should settle for.

More often than not we settle for something less because we feel that we can’t do any better.

This attitude comes out when we simply do not work into bettering our inner selves.

This is where I come in,.

In my program I take you through a requisite number of steps to ensure that you “bloom” into the amazing woman that I know you can be.

Anyway….let me get back to the main point of this article.

How do you look for the perfect man?

  1. Understand that there is no perfect man: .hold up…WHAT?
    Didn’t I just say that you deserve to be with the “perfect man”? Why am I backtracking all of a sudden?image003

    Look back carefully.…. In the first paragraph I said we are going to find Mr.Right …not “Mr. Perfect”. And there in lies the first lesson.You will never find the perfect man…no matter how hard you look for him.

    Why is that the case? Because nobody is perfect!! We all have our flaws, and its these flaws that make us human and make us interesting,

    Just don’t keep waiting for Mr. Perfect while letting your soulmate unknowingly pass by and then force yourself to settle for someone less in the future.

  2. Prepare Yourself Mentally: I have already talked about this at length in this article already. To summarize to keep it simple.Remove the negative blocks and increase the positivity. Check the last 2 articles for more details.
  3. Keep An open Mind: You never know where he is going to come from? SO why be close minded?Experiment a bit and have some fun. In my program I will give you detailed blueprints on how to find men anywhere and everywhere and how to engage in fruitful conversations with them.
  4. Do Not Repeat Past Mistakes: There is a reason why we are taught history in grade school. It is to impress upon us a simple lesson.DO NOT repeat history and DO NOT repeat can be disastrous.So anytime you hear that siren going off inside your head…know that its time to pull out. You don’t deserve to go through the same hell time and time and time again.

And that’s it..I am done for the day!!

In the next article we will talk Self-Doubts that most women go through diring this time period..

It can be a painful time…but know that you are not alone and it can be mended.

See you soon! 

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