Here is a video that I made back in the day which will help you immensely

One of the biggest things that I have noticed about women who go through divorce is their inability to say “No”.

It could be about anything…either they are filling up their schedule to do various chores for people that they don’t really want to do.

Or maybe they just can’t bring themselves to say “No” when it comes to men.

One way or another its their way of combating loneliness.

Maybe nobody will want me now that I am too old… so I should just make do with whatever I can get.

That kind of thinking is poisonous.

You should never ever “settle” for something….isn’t that why you got divorced in the first place?

More often than not its mainly because you settled for a man who was way below what you deserve.

You should never ever compromise on your happiness.

The fact is…and I have stated this in a previous article… you should realize that you are not alone.

You have your family, your friends, people who care about you.

You have to live on and be happy for them than for yourself.

Remember, life is short and you cannot compromise on it and nor should you.

Learn to say “No” to make sure that you are focusing your energy on the right things.

Here is a video I made sometime back regarding the power of “No”.

Check it out:


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