Here is an interesting story about how Pablo Picasso found the true artist inside him.

Here is something you should know about me…I love art.

Not just the paintings…but most of the great painters throughout the ages make FASCINATING character studies…especially for someone like me who is obsessed with the human mind.

Whether its Leonardo’s flamboyance or Caravaggio’s aggression or Dali’s plain weirdness..they are all fascinating in their own ways.

There are a lot of masters whose work I have been deeply inspired and awestruck by but there is one man that has always stood out for me… not only because of his technical mastery and creativity but because of his life in general..

Ever since I can remember I have been a huge Picasso fan.

Now, Pablo Picasso, or as my friend’s grandson calls him, “The dude who makes those weird*ss stuff”, is one helluva interesting guy.

This is a man who has become more than a painter…he has become a brand.

Owning a Picasso is now considered a luxury, a statement if you will.

Now I am not going to give you a lecture on art history… but this is pretty interesting nonetheless.

Picasso is known for always changing his art style and always being relevant, but there was a point in his life..which lasted for 3 years which was characterized with morose and depressing paintings.

This period was called “The Blue Period” because the paintings were mainly painted in a blue shade.



Every painting released in this 3 years had this same depressing, tragic feeling…because Picasso was going through a terrible personal tragedy during this time.

One of Picasso’s closest friends named Casagemas shot himself because of a woman.

Unable to cope with his loss he let out all his emotions in his paintings.

Now…. Think about this …. What kinda paintings is Picasso known for?

He is known for ingenious boisterous use of colours…he is known for his risk taking he is known for his audaciousness.

And in fact..most of these paintings he did after this “blue period” …. So what inspired him to truly spark the genius inside him?

What made him come out of this shell and truly do what he loved to do??

French Cafes and lots of alcohol.

I kid I kid…but its not that far from the truth.

Picasso used to frequent the cafes in Paris and he used to love drinking Suze, it was his favourite liqueur.

The Suze has a very strange yellowish sparkle to it, thanks to its ingredients…

Before long, his paintings started regaining the colourful shine, much like the Suze, that they were known for.

One simple liquor, helped this great artist to come out of his shell.. you can say that if it wasn’t for Suze, his paintings would have been very very different.

In fact… Picasso paid the ultimate tribute to his favourite liqueur, he painted it!!



See the difference in the two paintings?

See how much happiness there is in the second painting?

Now now before I continue…I am not saying that you need to drink a lot a alcohol to get over your divorce… that never works out and in fact I have written emails about the how substance abuse going hand-in-hand with divorce.

But…what this story does provide…is a beautiful metaphor.

Its more than likely that currently you are going through a bad period because of your are going through your own “blue period”.

During this time… you are not even functioning at a level that you know you are capable of… there is so much greatness inside you there is sooo much value that you can give to this world.

Yet its all suppressed inside you… all that greatness is dying inside of you because you feel terrible because of your divorce.

In fact, even may even be blaming yourself for your divorce and completely killing that self esteem.

During this phase of your life…much like Picasso…what you really need is a spark of inspiration…nothing much just a small spark

And with all that pent up energy inside of you that little spark is going to become a huge flame.

This is why most women are at their most creative and productive after divorces.

Its all about how you handle this you manage this energy,

Its all about who offers you that glass of Suze to inspire the Picasso inside of you..

Come and share that glass of Suze with me 🙂

And with that … I am going to go out for a walk…In the next email I want to talk about a very real thing that happens to women after divorces…Relationship Phobia.

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