Here is what 2 of my former clients had to say about the program

So I know that the last few articles have been a little depressing.

And I do apologize for being bit of a downer but those are things that needed to be said.

So today let me tell you an uplifting story.

This is about Mary, a client of mine.

I think it was close a to a year back when I she decided to enroll in my program.

So this is how her story goes.

She was happily married for 30 years before she found out that her husband was sleeping with her friend behind her back. Apparently this has been happening for 5 years.

So she divorced and obviously she got the house and the kids during the settlement.

Now, even though she caught her husband red-handed she was still heartbroken. I mean how else are you supposed to feel when you find out that your husband of 30 years has been cheating behind your back?

So anyway someone recommended my program to her and we started working.

Whenever I work with a student I tell them the butterfly story.

Basically how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly via going through the painful pupa process.

Mother nature has a lot of interesting stories to tell us,, but the tale of the butterfly’s metamorphosis is a BIG one because its so relevant to what I teach.

So, we started with renovating her mind using my Neuro Linguistic Programming…. The chief goal of this phase is to heal the mind.

During this phase I ask a lot of questions which might feel uncomfortable at first..

In fact, here is what Susan Brooks had to say about it:

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.45.42 am


During one of our sessions she confided something in me..

She told me that she always wanted to get a tattoo but the timing always felt off.

“I want it to mark something special… I don’t want to get a meaningless tattoo.. it should be something special.”

That’s what she told me.

Anyway… a week after we finished our sessions she told me that she was going to meet her friends in Goa, India.

5 days later she sent me an article saying that she thinks she has met someone special.

2 months later she got engaged.

5 months later she sent me a marriage invitation along with a picture.

It was a pic of her right shoulder…and on it was a tattoo of a big beautiful butterfly.

It was truly one of the most touching things that anyone has ever done for me…it truly was.

This is what I live for…these are the moments that I truly care about.

These are the moments that make me feel alive.

When one of my students finds love and happiness and sends me these long messages full of gratitude… that is what its all about.

Here is one of those long messages from Ann Hucklesby:


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