Here is why most women humiliate and degrade themselves after divorce?

There are many ways that a bad divorce can affect you.

It could be positive force of change in your life or it could lead you down a negative and self-destructive path.

Sadly…more often than not divorce manifests a lot of negative and self-destructive energy.

This leads to you being with men who are waaaayyyyyy below your standards and don’t deserve you.



But alas…that’s how the mind works.

I have seen this happen sooo many times.

Now I don’t mean to point fingers and offend anyone but you know what I am talking about don’t you?

So many times I have seen divorced women humiliate themselves and degrade themselves to pamper and fawn on younger men just so that they could get some attention from them.

Now I genuinely think that this happens because of two reasons.


  1. Being with young men makes them feel beautiful.
  2. Loneliness.


This goes without saying.

We are all scared of dying alone… we are terrified at the prospect of being all by ourselves in our deathbed.

So that is why after divorce a lot of women fawn and fall all over men who don’t deserve to be with them.

They are in panic mode…anyone will do for them.

Which is why women will spend money, and give up their body just in the hopes of keeping that man.

Its not worth it to completely lose your self-respect to be with someone…it absolutely isn’t.

No man is worth that much.



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