How legendary singer Tina Turner bounced back after an extremely abusive marriage

Do you know who this woman is?


This woman Is Tina Turner, the Queen of Rock n Roll and back in the 80’s this woman’s voice had captivated me to the absolute extreme.

There was something raw and extremely powerful about her music.

It was the kind of voice that would yank you by the neck and force you to be completely mesmerized.

And it wasn’t just her voice.

As the amazing Oprah Winfrey puts it:

“Watching Tina perform is what I call a spiritual experience. Each electrifying swing of her miniskirt, every slide of her three-inch Manolos across the stage, sends a message: I am here. I have triumphed. I will not be broken. When I leave a Tina concert, I feel the same way I do after I’ve seen any great art: I want to be a better human being.”

Unfortunately though…people tend to remember Tina for one more reason.

When people talk about “celebrity abusive relationships” they probably think about her infamous relationship with ex-husband Ike Turner.

It’s a testament to this woman’s greatness that she bounced back from that level abuse.

Let me tell you the story about Tina and Ike.

They started out as fact, they thought of each other as siblings.

Tina was known as Anna back then and she saw Ike perform in club and she was enchanted by the music.

She befriended the band and one day during practice she sang for them.

Everyone was taken aback by her voice…and Ike decided to musically train her.

In 1958, a 19 year old Ana moved in with Ike…at this point they were still friends..she was the student and he was the teacher.

A year later they got involved and Ike convinced her to change her name to Tina… this was gonna come back to haunt her later..she just didn’t know it yet.

They started performing together and instantly became famous… there was something magical about their songs after all.




They got married in 1962.

Shortly afterwards he started abusing her.

The first time he hit her was with a shoe stretcher… right on her head.

Later on she wrote that this was the first time that Ike had instilled fear in her.

She was repeatedly abused and raped during their marriage. By ike’s own admission he punched her multiple times.

The thing was..even if she wanted to leave him she couldn’t because of her name,

You see, when she changed her name to “Tina Turner” she was legally “owned” by Ike.. .she was his property.. a patent so to speak.

In fact, it became so bad that she even tried killing herself once after taking in 50 valium pills.

Finally, after 16 years and much legal manoeuvring. she was finally able to get out of the marriage.

She needed a corrective surgery on her nasal septum because of the repeated abuse.

Now don’t get sad now… this story has a happy ending.

She got out of the relationship and was soon able to regain her former success through ger solo albums.

While she was able to get out of her nightmare…the scars still remained.

In her interview with Oprah she admitted that she was still haunted by her marriage to Ike.

After her divorce she planned to completely abstain from any relationships and planned to focus completely on her career.

Finally, in 2013 she decided to marry her long time boyfriend of 27 years Erwin Bach.

It took Tina 35 years…35 YEARS to feel safe and secure enough to marry again.

And that’s what I wanted to tell you today … through Tina’s story..a lot of women get wary of entering a new relationship and marriage once they have been through a divorce especially a nasty one like this.

In know what ?

This is a really important topic and I don’t want to hurry this up.

Let’s make this article a two parter..I will continue this thread in the next article..I promise..


see ya!

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