4 simple mindset changes that will help you get your dream man

Now recently most of my articles have been about conquering your mind and overcoming your limiting beliefs…. And I can understand why that might be confusing you.

After all… you want to know how to get back in the field again…you want to find someone and fall in love again.

So why is it that I am constantly talking about conquering one’s inner self?



Its alright…there is no need to be “confus”.

I will let you know why I am telling you all about that in just second….because this article today is all about…


Finding the ideal man!!



Be Happy On Your Own

A lot of times…especially after a bitter divorce…we enter the “rebound phase”. This is the phase where we are desperately looking for company because we are not comfortable being on our own.

This is why it is so important to learn, once again, how to be happy by yourself…how to be happy and satisfied with being single. We get so used to being with someone that when that person leaves, we simply cannot function anymore.

Are you being with someone to simply fill up a void or are you with someone because they truly make you happy?

Don’t commit this mistake … it’s a recipe for disaster.


Don’t Be Super Picky

Wait hold up…what?

Isn’t everything that I am teaching you about finding the “ideal” man… how is that not being picky?

You are absolutely right to question that…so let me expand that point.

You must have heard this story before.. about the “friend-zone”.

How many women let that great guy slip through the cracks because they don’t realize early on how great he can be.

Here is the thing …its highly unreasonable to expect perfection from someone. Nobody is perfect.

If you are turning away some man who might not exactly tick everything off in your criteria, you might be overlooking some of his more endearing and amazing traits. And you will regret it later on.


Get Some Dating Experience

This might not be as obvious as first but it is absolutely critical.

When you are in a long marriage (or even a short one), you are so used to being in a relationship that you simply forget how it was to be single and dating again.

And when you think about it, its pretty obvious…when you don’t use a tool for a long time it tends to get blunt.

Which is why in my program, Tomorrow Is Now, I will give you various tools such as: dating scripts and body language techniques, which will help you tremendously in this field.

Here is the thing … its not easy to find the right partner straightaway… you need to “play the field” a bit.


Work On Your Shortcomings

Aaaaaaand here we go.

This is the main reason why the last few articles have been all about working on overcoming limiting beliefs and sharpening the mind.

If you do not work on your shortcomings…then how are you going to be deserving of a great relationship?

I believe in the power of manifestation and I do believe that the universe rewards you for your deeds.

If you are going to be negative you are going to manifest negativity…if you are going to be positive you are going to manifest positivity.

Its really that simple.

So anyway there you go…hopefully that will help you out!

I will expand the last point in the next article…because I feel that that is the most important thing when it comes to finding happiness and love and again.

Till then…cheers!

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