How Chrissy came back from the abyss to turn her life around after divorce

I believe I mentioned my friend Chrissy a couple of articles ago. I told you how she found her man in a bookstore of all places.

I think she is the perfect subject matter for what I want to talk to you about today… obviously we will be covering some stuff which might open some wounds…so I want to warn you beforehand.

Anyway… Chrissy didn’t have a happy marriage the first time round.

She met her ex husband at a friend’s party and they hit it off famously.

Unfortunately, as it turned out the husband was addicted to online poker… and he actually sold off Chrissy’s jewelry in order to make ends meet…without telling her about it!

Can you believe the audacity?




His habit kept on getting worse and worse…ultimately…Chrissy just couldn’t take it anymore.

So after a 23 year marriage they finally divorced… and let me tell you this…she was damaged…utterly damaged.

For a year or two after her divorce she was either:

  1. Constantly getting into relationships with other terrible men.
  2. Ruining any good relationships she did have because she was scared of being hurt again.

No matter how much you sugarcoat it….divorce is an extremely mentally exhausting activity…there are no two ways about it.

You are after all missing the company of a man who, for better or for worse, was a HUGE part of your life.

What Chrissy had to do to get back up on her feet, and what I hope you do as well, is that she worked her butt off to get back in a positive mentality.

The way she did it was..she completely flipped this whole thing on its head.

Instead of letting the divorce hurt her she turned it into her greatest teacher.



She took out a piece of paper… and she just wrote everything that was affecting her life badly at that moment… she wanted to figure out why it is that she was not able to move on and be in a happy relationship.

Obviously they were all in one way or another related to the fact that she was a soul numbing relationship for years.

She realized that she needed some mental reworking.

And that’s when she enrolled into my program, Tomorrow Is Now.

And slowly but surely she recovered…and one random day she bumped into John in the bookstore..

5 months later they were exchanging vows..and I remember watching them with a tear in my eye.

Let me tell you something…. There is nothing as satisfying as watching a client achieve their dreams…NOTHING.

Here is what Shanamae Davies had to say about my program:

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.05.41 pm

Anyway…I am going to go and grab some coffee…oh and in the next article we will cover another one of my favorite topics..”The Power Of NO”…. you don’t need to get along with anything and everything in order to please everyone.

Remember…the most important person that you have to look out for is…well…you!

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