Here is why it’s tougher for widowed women to move on

This article is going to be a little specific.

I have, in the past, addressed my articles to women who became single because of divorce. This article is for women who had no choice in that matter.

This article is for women who lost their husbands through a tragedy.

If you have been fortunate enough to have escaped this fate, then I still want you to read this article regardless.

I am going to talk about an acquaintance of mine.

Sheila (name changed) was married to her college sweetheart and together they had a son.

The son was a huge fan of Manchester United and they were coming down to Sydney for an exhibition match. He really really wanted to go and watch them.

So the day finally arrived and father and son went over to the stadium… Sheila had some work to take care of.

A week later she was planning to surprise everyone with tickets to Switzerland.

3 hours later she got a call that turned her life upside down.

Her husband and son were killed instantly in a car accident… the guy who hit them was drunk.

She was devastated…obviously.

She spent the next 3 months aiming all of her anger and energy towards the driver … when I spoke to her she told me that now she realized that no matter what happens nothing could ever bring back her family.

But back then she wasn’t thinking logically.

Back then…all that she wanted to do was to cause the man who took away everything from her as much and suffering as possible.

It was after the lawsuit was settled and that man was punished…that was when the loneliness started to creep in.

She picked up smoking again…something that she stopped doing when she became pregnant with her son.

It was only after an intervention from her friends that this downward spiral stopped… she joined her friend’s Advertisement Company and slowly he was able to get back on her feet.

Anyway…. When I was told about her..I was very curious to meet her.

I was working on my program, Tomorrow Is Now, and I wanted to cover every base possible just so that I can give as much value as possible through my program and articles.

When I finally met her over a glass of Old Fashioned she told me something very profound.

She told me that she had trouble moving on simply because her mind looks at it as an act of betrayal.

In her mind she is still married to her husband..and she just cannot get over that.

“If I do date someone it would mean that I am acknowledging the fact that he has truly left. And I cannot bring myself to do that.”

And as she said those words to me I was pensive and thoughtful…

What can I say to that?

There was so much power in what she said to me.. I can’t just tell  a widowed woman to forget everything and to move on… it will be highly presumptuous of me to do so..

Plus I am a big believer of these words:


So who was I to tell Sheila what to do?

It was only when I went home and sat down with my thoughts that something hit me.

It was an epiphany.

And I want to share that epiphany with you in the next article.

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