Most divorced women NEED to work on this ONE aspect ASAP

So as I was saying in the last article this is going the second part of a 2 parter.

In this article we will explore WHY women disregard their self-respect after divorce to be with younger men, who are clearly exploiting them for money and sex.

It all comes down to attitude.



Let me tell you about this woman that I used to know a long time back.

Before I tell this story though let me make it clear that I am in no way judging her…Just retelling whatever happened.

She was in a 20 year marriage when she first discovered that he was cheating. The signs were clearly there of course but she was living in denial.

But one day she went through his phone and saw those text messages.

The cat was out of the bag now….and it was all over.

She felt insulted and humiliated.

She felt ugly…on the outside and in the inside.

One day after much coaxing her friends took her out to the bar for a pint and this young man approached her.

He called her beautiful and that’s the first time she realized that maybe just maybe she is still desirable and not ugly.

One thing led to another and they shared a night of passion.

It was electric and she wanted to feel that again.

Again she went out and slept with a new man…and then again and again and again.

That was the only way she got the validation she needed.

“I am not ugly..all these men want to sleep with me!”

What she didn’t realize was that she was never not beautiful… and what all these men were doing was take advantage of her vulnerability.

You can see how this was a poisonous attitude right?

As she got deeper and deeper into this destructive behavior…she realized that at the end of everything she was just alone.

Nobody wanted her for her heart…everyone was out for her money and body.

That crushed her…she became an alcoholic and it was only after her cousins and children held an intervention for her that she finally got her life back on track.

It can be an extremely slippery slope… avoid it.

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