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We will give you the three step blueprint that will show you how to have a meaningful and rewarding relationship on your terms.

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On Your Terms

Never again feel lonely, misunderstood, unworthy or unloved. This is your time to shine. Take charge of your future and enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding life and have someone to share it with.

Create that Perfect Relationship

Seek first to understand – then be understood – Steven Covey
Learn how he ticks so you can help him give you what you want.

Free to be Me

How to say “No” which means saying “yes” to yourself.

Tools for your Kitbag

Coaching is a conversation like no other where you discover what really works for you, to give you the techniques, confidence and inner knowing so you can have what you want.

About Us

At Tomorrow is NOW we believe in creating transformation. We do this by empowering the over 50s woman and teaching her how to take care of herself, to become more assertive and truly value herself so she can nurture the relationship she wants. We implement this through one-on-one coaching which opens up the opportunity for her to explore her inner self and really understand what it is that she wants.
  • Learning and Understanding who you are and how to have your needs met 95%
  • Having Fun 99%
  • Empowering yu to Create and nurture your Perfect Relationship 95%

It’s all about You

How to know, appreciate and honour yourself so you never have to feel lonely, unloved, misunderstood and unworthy every again

One-on-One Coaching

Giving you individual attention in a confidential and non-judgmental environment where you can discover how to make life happen for you and not to you.

Keeping in Touch

Just knowing there is always someone to talk to can be a great comfort. Our membership gives you the opportunity to really get it

Our Clients

Shanamae Davies

Before I came to see Marg I was a very sand and self-doubting person. I had minimal self-esteem and felt I could only see the world in black and white.
Now I love who I am. I am not perfect but I am amazing. I live a fruitful life and have beautiful positive energy around me all the time – because that’s what I choose.

Tessa Danis

No longer do I have zero concept of the contrast between letting life happen to me and making things happen for me. I am in control of my results. I feel much more in touch with reality, the present and where I am going.

Susan Brooks

Marg’s incisive questioning quickly gets to the heart of the issue. I felt challenged (and sometimes uncomfortable) but Marg always helped me find the answers.
Her non-judgmental suggestions and sharing of relevant personal anecdotes put me at ease, and the sessions became an exchange between friends.

George Karsiz

Initially, the coaching focussed on personal matters of some importance. I was surprised at Margaret’s ability (or mine, with her assistance) to identify some basic conflicts I had never contemplated consciously and openly. The identification of these issues alone was an incredibly worthwhile outcome.
Following on from my identification of those issues we did some work with my wife about related matters.

Some of Our Latest Blog Posts

Here are 4 compelling reasons why you NEED to learn how to say “NO”

If you don’t give yourself the power to say “No” and allow yourself to be happy then you are simply going to go from one abusive relationship to another. All it takes is just a simple “No”, to stop yourself from drowning in misery. So let’s analyze this interesting conundrum…why is it that we are so scared….well not really scared, but why do we dislike saying this word so much?   We all grew up to be nice people… that’s what out values and education has inculcated in us. We are taught to be valuable cogs of this society and as a result we are told to make sacrifices and compromises for the betterment of everyone. As a result, more often than not, we are taught to be “yes men”. After all, at the end of the day we all want to come across as nice and easy going. We all want to be the “better person”, which is why we say “yes” even though we shouldn’t have said so. So here is why you start saying “No” more often: Give your time to stuff you actually want to do: This is a behavior that I have noticed in most recently divorced women. They are so willing to get involved in things that they more often than not spread themselves thin. At this stage they are usually so vulnerable and craving for company that they will go along with anything. This usually leads to lots of regrets and unfinished tasks. Just say NO when you don’t like what you are getting into and spend that quality time doing what...

3 biggest pains that most women go through after divorce

All divorced women go through a certain phase of “pain”. There is no need to deny it…it’s a very human reaction. After all…for better or for worse, you did lose someone who was a HUGE part of your life.. so of course going through this pain is going to be your natural reaction.   I am not going to say that you don’t need to feel this pain….but what I am telling you to do is to really look into it and analyse that particular pain. Once you are done analyzing you will realize that there are far more important things that you should give your time and energy to. So lt’s look at these problems: “Am I Not Pretty Anymore?”: This is a very common doubt especially among women who have been cheated on. They feel like that they have gone past their “sell by dates”.It’s a very deep rooted self-esteem issue. This isn’t something that hours of makeup or botox can heal.If you truly feel that whether or not a man can be with you depends completely on how you look then what you need is to know how to completely conquer your mind and its weaknesses. As I have stated earlier in my articles, I tackle these issues via NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in my program. “What about my finances?”: This is a major one among women who don’t earn much via their jobs and housewives. If you have been in a long marriage then you get used to certain things.The feeling that at least someone is bringing home the bacon and sorting out the taxes...

This is the poem that made this amazing man go through 27 years of torture and imprisonment.

Today I am going to give you some good old inspiration. I want to share one of the most inspirational poems you will ever read. A poem that shaped policies, ended apartheid and gave hope to one of the most amazing men to have ever lived. I am talking about William Ernest Henley’s “invictus”… the poem that kept Nelson Mandela going as he was serving his time in jail. Here it is…check it out in all its glory:   In fact, let me do you one better. Here is Invictus recited by Morgan Freeman in his inimitable voice: It truly is surreal to hear him recite this poem. I have found out that no other piece of literature gets you as self-assured during moments of emotional crisis as this poem. Look at the first paragraph:   Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole. I thank whatever Gods may be For my unconquerable soul.   Doesn’t matter how bad your divorce was…doesn’t matter how broken your heart is, doesn’t matter how badly you are affected mentally. Your soul will always remain intact… its still there for you unbroken. You should never ever lose hope no matter how dark the “night” is that covers you.   In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed.   Life is unpredictable….we never know what we are going to get tomorrow or day after. No one can predict that. It is a fickle mistress after all… we are all dancing...

3 Step Blueprint to my Ideal Relationship

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About Us

At Tomorrow is NOW we believe in creating transformation. We do this by empowering women over 50 and teaching them how to take care of themselves, to be assertive and truly own themselves so they can be confident and inspired to take charge of their future.

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We help our clients create this transformation by empowering them to make the life they want happen for them and not to them through personal one-on-one coaching.
Coaching is a conversation like no other where the coach facilitates the sessions to assist the client in finding her own answers.

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