People thought this great violin player had an unfair advantage….they were soo wrong.

Every once in a while, a talent comes along who shines so bright that the only way you can describe their gift is by attributing it to the supernatural.

In fact, not just supernatural but satanic.

The legend goes like this….if you meet the devil in the crossroads, then in exchange for your soul he will grant you an immense amount of talent to pursue your passions.

This legend was what was used to explain the inexplicable and majestic talents of this man:



Niccolo Paganini… the greatest violinist to have ever lived.

To call Paganini a “good violinist” is like saying Michael Jordan was ok at playing basketball…he was and still remains FAR ahead of the curve.

Robert Schumann, one of the greatest Romantic era composers of all time once said this about Paganini:

“Who is most responsible for the foundation of Christianity? Paganini must stand on the same rung of the violin’s ladder.”

So basically violin Jesus… that’s what Paganini was.

Now a lot of people thought that maybe Paganini was born with something that helped him with his playing…. Maybe some extra cartilage or lengthy and mobile finger bones…something.

So when Paganini died…they conducted an autopsy.

And guess what they found…

His fingers had less cartilage than a normal human being!!

This means this man was NOT even supposed to be a good violin player…let alone being the greatest violinist of all time.

So let’s put things into perspective…a men who was not physically disposed to play an instrument…through the sheer power of his will became the best ever.

He believed… he truly believed that he had what it takes to be a great artist..and he made it come true. the power of the human mind… THAT is what we are capable of.

And that is what I am offering to you…in my program, Tomorrow Is Now, I will teach you how to take complete and utter control of your mind.

I will teach you how to do this via the usage of Neuro Linguistic Programming among other things.



When you are looking for love…especially after getting out of a long standing marriage… your mind and soul is in a very vulnerable phase.

Simply speaking… your mind is not ready to accept a new relationship… in fact during that phase it wants you to remain miserable and unhappy.

And as we have already seen..the mind is so powerful..that it will make what you think a reality.. that is how manifestation works after all.

The only way that you can prepare yourself for happiness is to flush out all this unnecessary garbage.

And that is where my coaching program comes in.

In the next article I will tell you all about my most potent tool… Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Till then…cheerio!

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