The DOs and DON’Ts of finding love after divorce

This article will have is going to be a pretty simple one.

There is not going to be some story or real life example…just a plain, simple old fashioned list.

Which reminds me…I haven’t used a cat gif in a long time…so let me see…


There you go.

Now that we are done with that…. Let’s dive right in..

Today is a going to be a simple list…. What should you DO to find love after divorce and wht should NOT DO.

Basically the DOs and DON’Ts of finding love after divorce.

So let’s just get the negative stuff over with first:


1. Do Not Jump Into A Relationship Straightaway

 This goes without saying. After an emotionally traumatic experience like divorce your mind needs to heal. You are in absolutely NO shape to straightaway jump into another relationship. You are going to do yourself more harm and you are also going to make the other person unhappy. It’s a complete LOSE-LOSE scenario.

Speaking of jumping into relationships…


2. Do Not Make Yourself Too Available

 This is understandable.

We all hate being alone….we want someone to be by our side. Especially for late divorcees this is a very real fear. BUT here is the thing… if you make yourself too available it will be counter productive.

The game of courtship and romance is something that can’t be hastened… and I will teach you all that you need to know to get “back in the field” in my program “Tomorrow Is Now”.

But for now…just keep this in mind.
3. Do Not Complain About Your Ex-Husband

This is a pretty straightforward …NOBODY likes to hear about the ex.

It makes them feel jealous and makes them feel like they are being compared to someone. Plus, listening to someone talk about their ex hours on end is just time consuming and a waste of energy.


4. Do Not Second-Guess The Divorce

 Yeah…easier said than done right?

But everyone is going to do it…especially if they feel guilty about the whole thing.

If you keep on feeling guilty about the divorce how are you going to move forward?





Ok that should do it for the DON’Ts … I am sure there are a lot more but I want to keep this article a lot more positive and optimistic…plus those are the major ones anyway.

A lot of smart women have used divorce as their greatest incentive.

I have said this to you before… during any moments of extreme emotions, like a divorce, your body is filled with tremendous amounts of energy.

While most women let this energy goto waste or utilize it in a negative women use this to their own advantage and do some of the greatest works of their lives.



Having said that … HERE YOU GO…



1.Take A Risk

Everyone loves to be in their comfort zone… everyone likes to stay with what they are used to.

But now that you have a second chance…a chance to actually redo some of your mistakes why not take a little bit of risk.

A lot of times women tend to date someone who resembles their ex because that is what they are comfortable with.

And of course, it doesn’t work out.

So why not take a little risk this time round?

Its not going to hurt anyone.


2.Learn How To Forgive

This is for both yourself and your ex-husband.

You need to forgive yourself first. Wallowing in guilt and self-pity is not going to work.

And secondly you will need to forgive your ex-husband..  I am sure that it might not be 100% possible but you will HAVE to at least take the first step.



3.Learn To Love Yourself

This is by far the most important point.

If you do not love yourself then how can you expect anyone else to love you?

Right now you may feel miserable or broken… but you have to understand one thing.

Underneath all that exterior is a beautiful woman who is full of greatness and SO much love.

This love that she is going to spread to those around her…this love that is going to make one man very very lucky.

You have to understand that you are truly extraordinary…every woman is beautiful and lovely in her own unique way.

So learn to love yourself again and understand that you deserve the very best.

Aaaaaaand that’s the list!!


See you soon!

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