The philosophy behind Michelango’s craftsmanship and what we can learn from it

When Michelangelo was asked about his sculpting techniques, this is what the master craftsman had to say.


I think that’s a beautiful metaphor for any and all forms of self-improvement.

Our best self is already there within us all that we have to do is to find it.

You already have greatness inside you.

The thing is though…we don’t always feel that worthy.

We are all humans after all now aren’t we? We all go through our shares of ups and downs… no matter how bulletproof we think we are.

During moments of extreme emotional upheavals…we feel very vulnerable and our self-esteem takes a huge drop.

And as I am pretty sure you already know…nothing causes emotional whirlwinds as much as divorces.

More often than not divorces end less than amicably and its during this phase that our mind starts questioning our self-worth.

And as we keep falling down this rabbit hole we lost touch with your true selves..almost completely.

But here is the good news… your greatness is still within you..all that you have to do, as Michelangelo would say, is to chisel a little more!

And that is what “Tomorrow Is Now” is all about.

I am not saying that this program will “make you great”… but I am saying is .. this program will help you find the greatness that is already within you.

And I genuinely feel that that’s the most empowering aspect of the whole process.

When I was personally getting to know more about the way the mind works with my mentors this realization was when everything changed.

You could call it a personal breakthrough.. the day I realized that I could do anything that I wanted because the greatness that I was desperately seeking was already within me.

Kinda like Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist wouldn’t you say?

That is what you will get through “Tomorrow is Now”.. a tool that will help you dig deep within yourself.. it might get uncomfortable at times.. but you have to realize one thing.

At the end of the day…its about finding the greatness within.

In the net article I will talk about one of those major tools that will help you find your inner greatness and which will surely help you traverse your way through divorce… Neuro Linguistic Programming.

See you soon!

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