This ONE simple reason is why your future relationships are going to suck

Today we will be touching on a subject that might get a little uncomfortable at times.

So I want to apologise about that in advance but this is something that needs to be addressed.

Chances are, that if you have gone through an especially trying divorce then you have fostered a negative attitude towards men.

And nobody is blaming you…it’s a natural human response.

When someone hurts you you tend to foster a hate towards that whole community that that person belonged to.


This where most racism and bigotry stems from.

This behavior is mostly noticeable in:

  1. Women who have been physically abused by their husbands.
  2. Women who have been cheated on.

Let me tell you about this woman that I used to know a long time back.

Before I tell this story though let me make it clear that I am in no way judging her…Just retelling whatever happened.

She was in a 20 year marriage when she first discovered that he was cheating. The signs were clearly there of course but she was living in denial.

But one day she went through his phone and saw those text messages.

The cat was out of the bag now….and it was all over.

She felt insulted and humiliated.

She felt ugly…on the outside and in the inside.

One day after much coaxing her friends took her out to the bar for a pint and this young man approached her.

He called her beautiful and that’s the first time she realized that maybe just maybe she is still desirable and not ugly.

One thing led to another and they shared a night of passion.

It was electric and she wanted to feel that again.

Again she went out and slept with a new man…and then again and again and again.

That was the only way she got the validation she needed.

“I am not ugly..all these men want to sleep with me!”

What she didn’t realize was that she was never not beautiful… and what all these men were doing was take advantage of her vulnerability.

As time went on…she was desperately looking for a life companion rather than a sex partner.

But all these string of young men that she was sleeping with didn’t want that.

All they were looking for was sex and that was what they got.

In time her attitude changed… this need for validation turned into dislike.

“They don’t want me? Very well..I don’t want them either.”

Let’s just say…eventually when she did decide to work on her attitude it took a long long time to get things back to normal.

She eventually found someone good though….so I guess there is a silver lining to the cloud.

But all those years of emptiness and hollowness could have been easily avoided if she just worked on her attitude.



This is why in my program I talk about having relationships with super desirable men in your own terms. 

You are working on keeping a healthy relationship from day 1 itself…which is what stops this negative attitude from spreading.

You will receive relationship blueprints plus work on your negativity to ensure positive growth and healthy relationships.

In the end remember this… there is nothing more prosperous in this world as a healthy and loving relationship…so why sabotage it?

Anyway I am out…In the next article…hmmm we are going to explore another touchy subject.

Remember all that relationship advice that your friends gave you just days after your divorce or before it?

You need to learn how to filter those.


I will tell you in the next article.


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