Wanna know how Napoleon used NLP to pull off one of history’s greatest conquests?

In the early 19th century France was declared war on pretty much everyone in Europe.

They were led by a military genius in Napolean Bonaparte.

When you think of Napolean the first image that comes to your mind is this famous painting by Jacques-Louis David:



It depicts one of Napolean’s most famous military campaigns.

You see… he wanted to enter Italy but there was a small problem…

The two countries happened to be separated by the Alps, a mountain range.

So basically, 60,000 men were supposed to cross an entire mountain range and still be healthy enough to fight wars.

You can see why this was going to be a problem right?




This is when Napolean showed what a great leader he was.

He saw that his army were worried and were lacking belief… that’s when he summoned his generals and asked them:

“Is it possible to cross the Alps?”

They said, “It is possible but-“

“Let me hear no more..forward to Italy!”

And onwards they marched.. and every time the army faltered Napolean kept on motivating them shouting, “There is No Alps!”.

And within 4 days they crossed the mountain safely and were walking on the Italian plains.

Later on while talking about this incident Napolean said:


For him failure really wasn’t an option.

If he failed… if he even let a hint of doubt enter his head he would have risked the lives of 60,000 of his men.

They all would have been frozen alive if it wasn’t for their leader’s unshakeable desire.

One of the many techniques that Neuro Linguistic Programming teaches us is Dissociation.

Basically if there is a task that you are scared of doing.. then the way you should tackle it is by imagining that you have already done that task.

And as you play that movie in your head you make it a little less serious… like suppose if you are scared or wary of running a marathon… then imagining yourself running and finishing it whilst playing the old Benny Hill music in the background!


Everything goes well with the Benny Hill song!

And eventually as you keep on living this scenario… you will get over it.

The key to the whole thing is to visualize the fact that you can do this task…and failure is not an option.

For Napolean…there was absolutely no way that he was NOT going to cross the Alps.

In fact, that was what his rallying cry, “There is no Alps!” was all about.

Why are you getting scared of it? Why are you getting tired?

Can’t you see that the mountains aren’t there? We have already crossed it.

And that’s how that great French army went on to become one of the greatest armies to have ever lived.

Its funny how the core principles of NLP have lived one for centuries.

Its only now that we can categorize them under one heading and study them scientifically.

This is why, in my program “Tomorrow Is Now”.. I am going to teach you everything that I know about this technique and more.

If Napolean can cross the Alps with 60,000 men with little to no equipment.. then we can definitely find the ideal man for you ;).

Anyway…in the next article I shall tell you more about my program in great detail…till then


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