Want to rig the dating game to your favour?

Let me tell you introduce you to two of my friends today.

Chrissy and Tonya.

They were both divorced in their late 40’s… Chrissy’s husband left her for someone else while Tonya decided to not indulge her husband’s gambling addiction any longer.

Chrissy went back to live with her mother while Tonya got the house during the settlement and continued to live in the same city.

Chrissy found her future husband a year later in a book store.

Tonya had to wait a wee bit longer but she found her ideal man whilst vacationing with her sister’s family in California. Apparently they met in a bar.

Now what does a bookstore and a bar have in common?

Absolutely nothing… but then why am I telling you about these two women?

Because it impresses upon you one simple fact… you can meet your dream man any place and any time… you cannot plan for that magical moment.

You will have to be ready for it.



You can’t plan for these things… so the only thing that you can do is to prepare yourself.

Now I understand that not all women prefer to be the one taking charge…after all its always nice to be courted.

That’s fair enough… but then…wouldn’t you want to be more in control this time round?

Second chances are rare..so wouldn’t you want to best capitalize what you have this time round?

Its very very rare to find someone who is truly special…so wouldn’t you want to take charge of that situation and get the best possible result?

Why not rig the game this time around to favour you more?

There are certain tools and “tricks” that I will teach you in my program, Tomorrow is Now.

One of them happens to be the “Man Cheat Sheet”…let me give you a glimpse.

Did you know… that by just one body language adjustment you can increase your chance to attract men nearby nearly threefold?

Its not a magic trick or anything… a man’s brain is wired in a certain way… that body language technique is used to manipulate those wirings in your favour.

Along with this there is another thing that you might be interested in.

Over the last 2 decades I have compiled certain tool and techniques of attracting, dating and keeping a quality man.

This data has been refined through thousands of interviews (literally) and via dedicating a significant amount of time reading and analyzing the human psyche.

These tools are in the form of word-by-word scripts which are presented in such a way that you can use them as soon as you get your hands on them.

So take charge of your love life… you will never know when you will come across that Perfect man!

Btw… you will never know when you will meet him BUT you can at least recognize him…I can help you do so.

How? I will tell you in the next article….cheers!

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