You must be very careful about who you are taking advice from

Its easy to just give advice and telling others what to do.

There is this story about that somewhat fits this scenario.

Once a great saint was visiting a village and everyone came to seek his advice.

There was a troubled mother who was desperately seeking for him.

Finally, when her turn came she threw herself at his feet and said: “Oh enlightened one! My son is addicted to opium… what shall I do?”

The saint said, “Come back to me next week and I will tell you what to do.”

1 week went by and the mother went back to hoping to hear his answer.

But, the saint looked at her and simply said, “Oh you are here. Tell your son to not do opium anymore.”

The woman was shocked. She said, “That’s all? You made me wait 1 week for that?”

The saint said, “I was addicted to opium as well. It took me a week to get rid of the habit. If I had told you this back then I would have been lying to myself.”

What is the moral of the story?

Seeking someone’s advice should be done after much deliberation.

If you remember… quite sometime back I told you that rather taking everyone’s advice you should CHOOSE who to take advice from.

After all…too many chefs spoil the broth.

You must take such important life advice from people who have walked the walk and who KNOW how to solve the problem areas in your life.

So when it comes to finding love after divorce….why should you listen to me?

I have been married to the love of my life for more than 40 years. Its been 43 to be exact and there is more love between us than there has ever been.

So why does that me the best person to help you out?

I have never been divorced in my life and I never will.

So what qualifies me in this aspect?


I know how a real loving relationship works.

I know how to find the man who is perfect for you.

After all I found someone who is perfect for me!

And here is the thing…I can help you.

This is why I trained myself to be a coach and this is why “Tomorrow Is Now” has content which has been checked and revised by some of the greatest experts in the world including Christopher Howard.


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