Your divorce can open up doors to lost opportunities. Here is how:

I know I know…I have lately been sharing a lot of depressing stories with you.

But the fact is that there is just soooo much inspiration to gain from those stories that I couldn’t help it.

So just to lighten then mood up…let me share with you the greatest cat gif of all time:


And just to make it all perfect let it be known that the cat’s name is actually “LUCIFUR”!

And no I am not kidding…that really is his name.

Anyway…there is something important that I want to talk to you about today.

Being divorced and single after 40 is a weird weird experience.

You have spent so much time with this person…you have gotten so used to being in a relationship…that being single all of a sudden comes as a shock.

Meet Melinda… she was in a marriage for 30 years when one day her husband left her for a colleague.

After that depression set in….she found single life hard to deal with.

Plus, she was getting suffocated by her surroundings.

They were memories of her husband everywhere around her…she had to leave.

So one fine day…she quit her job, said goodbye to her friends and went off to Bali, Indonesia.

She wanted a change and she got it…

At the age of 49 she finally got something to look forward to….a second chance.

A second chance at life..

A second chance at happiness..

And it definitely helped that she was in a place that looked like this:



It wasn’t easy for her early on to meet new men… it felt strange.

In fact, I remember her telling me that it weirdly felt like she was cheating on her husband even though they weren’t together anymore.

But she was determined….she made some new friends and they introduced her to yoga.

She joined the yoga classes and started learning some new skills online.

She wanted to make the most of her second chance.

June 2007 was when she got divorced.

January 2008 was when she landed in Bali.

July 2009 was when she met…in her words.. “her soulmate”.

Before she landed in Bali those few months were utter hell for her…but I genuinely believe that bad times are like testing grounds for us.

We are tested mentally and then rewarded with the good times.

And that’s what happened to Melinda.

You have to understand her ordeal from her point of view.

When she got divorced she genuinely thought that she was going to be alone forever.

All that was needed for her to be happy again… was to take some actionable steps.

And that’s it!

All that she did was refuse to be miserable and take some baby steps….that’s all!

Not really rocket science now is it???



No matter how miserable you feel…no matter how much you feel cornered…always remember this…

There is always a path present…there is always a way that you can use to get out and be happy again.

In the next article I will show you a path that I can guide along to reach your ultimate goal of self-fulfillment and happiness.

I will show you how to find the perfect man.

So stay tuned!!

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